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Herman Weitzchen's special delight.
Look for him on livejournal.com, his username is: cagelessriot.
Herman: "Hooray for poopy pops!"
by Bisexual Moneysplitter April 01, 2005
Mainly meaning "onion" in Spanish; however all of the cool hip kids are using it to describe a "man" who is: an African American, extremely sensitive to insults and jokes, an idiot, a biter of their hands, interested in sucking a Mexican's blood, an Anne Rice fan, really annoying when typing, overstays at places.
Guy #1: "Cebolla, you smell like onions; stop being emo you Nemo!"
Cebolla: "Wha wha?"
by Bisexual Moneysplitter April 01, 2005

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