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A catholic school in Fairfield, CT but borders Trumbull, Easton, and Bridgeport. Mostly kids are from Bridgeport, the dirty valley, Milford and waste haven. Once in a while you'll see a wealthy kid from Fairfield or Easton. Hanging out at the Trumbull mall or eating at merit canteen seems to be the cool thing to do after school. The boys hockey games are taken very seriously especially when playing again rival Prep. Many of these hockey players try to live the "dream" of maybe one day playing in the NHL but clearly it will never happen. Many kids that graduate from here go on to do nothing or community college which proves nd education is a waste of your parents money. The teachers there either love or hate their job because there getting paid almost nothing. Driving 30 minutes to a party doesnt't seem to phase people. Most of your friends with be in summer school detention for being late or absent too many time. It's basically filled with "good" kids who don't know how to party and find more exciting things to do such as watching Disney movies on Friday nights. It should be called Notre Dame Bridgeport because the schools a shit hole and many people never move on from there "ND high school experience" and will never fully enjoy college because of that. Its nicer than Trinity in Stamford but shittier than Saint Joe's in Trumbull. Football sucks and boys basketball is only a little bit better. If you enjoy shitty parties, teachers who hate there job, ridiculous rules, cocky hockey players, white trash people who think there better than everyone else go right ahead 70% of your fellow class mates will go on to be nothing and do nothing. So if you catch yourself saying "you can't hide that lancer pride" in the stands of ND games, save your self and transfer because they'll be one good party a year and it'll be talked about for following years.
JESSICA: hey after the notre dame fairfield hockey game lets go back to amy's in milford to watch Beauty and the Beast, its one of our favorites!
Liz: Sure, sounds like a blast. I can't believe kyle jake lauren and courtney are going to party after this... there just mad that can't be in our sober gay clique.
Jessica: OMG your so right. And i can't belive stephanie got the same color north phase as me lets not talk to her for a week lets make sure shes not invited to amys.
Liz: sounds legit!
by BirdieBalls July 27, 2008

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