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Gay cannibal in Moby Dick, who sells human heads and has a large harpoon, which he is extremely accurate with. It's use has been extended to mean any gay man who sells head and has a large harpoon.
1st guy: "Dude, I heard Matt got with Diego! He said his package was HUGE."
2nd guy: "What! Wasn't Diego just with Dan?"
1st guy: "Yeah, dude. He's such a Queequeg."
by Binky2400/Smiley March 15, 2010
When something ruins a perfectly good boner or orgasm.
Dan: "So how'd it go last night with Neha?"
Diego: "Well.. it was going great, but then she farted."
Dan: "What a pipe clogger."
by Binky2400/Smiley April 26, 2010

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