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An AmiEmo is an anorexick Emo these people are a poison on are socity, and must be shot on sight, or killed in anyway or by any means possible, at least they are not eating are food supply
Normal person: what did you eat this morning?
AmiEmo : no i don't eat i think it is wrong
by Binksy October 24, 2006
JEDI RULe! anyone who says a Jedi is not cool and rubbish is most obviously a CHAV !!!
or completly insane! whispered -> (you know who you are)
jedi are the worriors of peace and justice and freedom and love and honor and coolness and wityness and stylishness and friendship they are cool i wish i was a jedi i would kill Tony BLair ( and james Blair) <- no relation to tony blair or is he? dun dun da
jedi padawans have tiny littel pony tails and tinnie littel plats this is a sign of their appernticship yay for Obi-wan and nay for the SLASH <- disgusting people who write perverted stories about are favorite charactors doin it hem hem (you know who you are don't dinie it you twisted sweaty palmed perverted fucks
Jedi do not have SEX they are sacred as is George Lucas Earths greatest national treasure ahhhh we love george!!
myself and friends beleave that George is part of an intergallactic consracy to cover up the fact that Jedi RULE the galaxy (in nice way of course...or maybe not?)
p.s when the world ends you'll all be thankfull that the Nerds and geeks of this world watched so much si fi we will be the only survivours of the mass Jedi cleansing of EArth ha ha ha the END
Nerd: wow now i'm a jedi cool
Father: it was only a cucumber
by Binksy November 13, 2006
God the person the so called creator,
so if he created the universe and people say that nothing came before him, but that God came before the universe how can you prove that he did come before the universe or that he does here in fact exicst,
if God exicist then why on the date 6606 did he surposedly let the son of statan (who we also have no proof excists) be born?
Mary surposedly brought Jesus to the world through an imaculate conception i say this is bullshit as i say she was Fucking the milkman and didn't want old josphe to find out so she said guess what honey God got me pregnant and then later slipt him hullotiogens so that he would dream a vison of God whilst Mary whipered in his ear "call him jesus" ( the name of the Bastards father) if God does excist he only does so to make are lives a livin hell and to drive me up the wall
"thou shalt not kill"
then how the Fuck was the crusades ritious and didn't God technically Kill Jesus by not saving him when he could
so if thats true then he's murdering us by the million by the day making him the actual deffinition of the word contrdiction
(God is evil spread the word
human: God did you kill my son?"

God: no i just struck him down and watched him die mwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
by Binksy October 24, 2006

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