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The oldest, most prestigious, most incredible private school in Baltimore. Despite being the smallest we produce the most Division I lacrosse players of any other school. Our football team beats St. Pauls whenever they want, and our lacrosse team crushes Gilman no matter how much money those Gayhounds spend on their lax twigs.

No where else will students graduate and then head to The Crease with their English teacher just to down a long neck. No where else will students go out on SAT night, or blackout on exam weekend.

Either we like the teachers, or we treat them like shit. There's no in-between. We make joke announcements in assembly, and we trample the senior speakers just to piss of Billy. They try to push out Mr. Bowling (BINGUS) but we don't let them.

We party hard, and work easy. We can hang out with anyone, and we never keep the same girls for more than a month. Our beverage of choice is Natty Light, but we like to get into trubble every now and then. Don't be jealous if you can't keep up because no one ever can... except us BL kids.
Boys Latin Kid: Did we crush St. Paul's again?
Other Boys Latin Kid: Yeah, but who the fuck cares, let's GET FUCKED UP.
by BingusLaxer March 11, 2009
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