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Virginia Tech is in essence the true college experience. Compared to any other top school in VA, VT has it all and does it damn well. From parties to academics to sports and research. We are a proud school and are proud of our heritage. With the best football team in the state and a damn good basketball team as well...well its a no brainer why UVA can never beat us. UVA is like a tick on the ball sack of VT. They need to stop trying to live up to us and do their own shit. And as far as academics go, VT is very competitive to get into, just as much as UVA and more so than JMU (only reason JMU gets so many applicants is because they want to party 24/7). With that being said, VT is a highly notable school with many majors making the top lists in this country. I am proud to be a Hokie and will represent Tech to the day I die. Go Hokies!
VT student: "I heard Virginia Tech has excellent research opportunities and the education there is on par with UVA. I think I might go to Tech this fall. And besides, JMU is a joke because all they do is party. Way to promote themselves with springfest lol."

UVA student: "God I hate VT, I would never fit in because I think so high of myself and I would miss mommy and daddy so much (sucks thumb). I heard VT is getting a med school soon. Were really screwed now"
by Bimmerfanantic April 11, 2010

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