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Rave name of a 5'10, Caucasian, 150lb., brown hair, brown eyed, 18-21yr old male with a lip ring. His real name is unknown. He is infamous for going to massive raves in the southern California area. Sightings have been made at nocturnal, winter fresh, beyond wonderland, fresh anniversary, and EDC. His trade mark light show is very technical and long, but abruptly ends with him literally "bitch slapping" his audience. He has never been caught and has a toll of an estimated 30-40 victims. Be on the look out for Bitch Slap.
While Billy was receiving a light show at Beyond Wonderland, the man performing the light show suddenly back handed Billy like a little bitch.

"Billy! What happened to your face? It's so red."

"It was that Bitch Slap douche! I'm gonna kill him!"

"Where did he go Billy?"

"I...I just don't know..."
by Billy Splendis May 21, 2010

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