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An old skool goth who associates with the punk/post-punk offshoot goth culture of the 1980s for example Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, The Cure.

Probably doesn't care for Marilyn Manson and death metal.
"You didn't tell me Jake was a goth?!"

"Don't call him that to his face, hes a batcaver"

"Oh, nice. Bauhaus are awesome."
by Billy Messerschmitt September 12, 2008
1. Someone who gains sexual excitement/fascination over vinyl clothing (bondage gear).

2. Someone who prefers to buy their albums on vinyl with no real explanation.
"I hear that old geezers a vinyl fetishist, turns your stomach doesnt it?"


"Haha, seriously though, WHY do you have to have everything on vinyl? You've got most of it on cd anyway."

"It's... y'know... it's got soul..."

"Yeah but... Whatever you bloody.. vinyl fetishist"
by Billy Messerschmitt September 12, 2008
when at a party/school disco, two male teenage(often univited friends (best mates and loners) who arent getting into the party and generally have distain for the music played or hosts of the party, often by shouting "two man mosh pit!", start moshing and jumping into eachother violently for a brief period startling the people sitting on sofas singing to girls aloud.
"Hey Ed, why did we go to this girls party. The music sucks"

"You know what I'm thinking?"

by Billy Messerschmitt September 12, 2008
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