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Normally a stoner of some sort, often not in class for some reason or another.
Yeah, i bet that hardy over there is smokin on that dank shit.
by Billy Joe February 26, 2005
a person who follows you around knowing that you don't want them there. Also leaves notes on your car and drops by your house uninvited.
Rachel Rene Baker is a fucking stalker!!
by Billy Joe June 25, 2004
Originating in Romania, this word was a very arrogant way of calling someone stupid, dumb, and lazy. It is also often used as a way of calling someone a homo.
"oh my god becky, she is so an Estera Stanus-Ghib. Seriously."
by Billy Joe March 03, 2005
One that often does not partake it activites such as drinking beer, partying, playing with pills, especially smoking pot, but will live and hang out with someone who sells dope while partying drunk on pills. These people are considered a rare breed and often dangerous when provoked by drunken assholes. Beware when drunk, but no need, a Remy can't narc for it is agianst their nature.
"Man i need a ride to the store for some more liqour cause im to drunk and stoned to drive, remy will drive you he is sober"
by Billy Joe March 03, 2005

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