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Boshingtang - Korean delicacy, basically it's dog stew.
Bill ate all of his boshingtang and wanted more.
by Billy C March 07, 2005
the best band on the face of the earth.
listen, love, and lust them.
"holy shit, the impossibles are great!"
by Billy C February 12, 2004
One who speaks in such redneck terminology, someone would have to take lessons in rebonics to understand them. Like ebonics, except redneck lingo.
1. "How much ya like" = how nuch longer will it take 2. "ya'll" = you all or everyone 3. "Fixunda" = I am about to do something
by billy c March 08, 2004
a loud irritating noise made when having an accident, like a scream but very nasal.
Fred fell over "eiihhhhh"
by Billy C July 07, 2003
A very irritated, robust and powerful man that uses all caps on instant messenger.
Dude, he yells at me like the Angry Deuceman everytime we IM.
by Billy C August 14, 2003

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