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One of the worst towns in Massachusetts. There are way too many issues to write down in this definition, so I'll just go through a few. First of all, a good number of kids in this town think its cool to smoke weed and act ghetto. There is really an identity crisis among the white teenagers in this town. They have nothing better to do than cause trouble. They think they are gang members, but fail to realize that this town is upper middle class. Secondly, there is nothing to do in Billerica. Billerica used to be a resort town, but now it is only a shadow of its former self. We have a bunch of stores, but barely any public places for kids to socialize and act normally. Third, the town goverment is corrupt. They have been doing nothing for years and suddenly decide to build a new elementary school, even though we already have like six that could be renovated. The police are corrupt as well, most have family members that have worked in the force, and they are act way too hard and go after just about any teenger they see walking around. Fourth, the people are just rude as hell. Walk by somebody on the street, and you'll be lucky to even get a quick glance. Nobody says hi or stops to talk because apparently life moves too fast in Billerica to do so. There are many other problems, so if you are thinking of moving here, don't . Billerica is surrounded by nice towns like Bedford and Carlisle, and I would suggest you move there instead.
Person 1: Man there's nothing to do in this town and for some reason all the white kids think they are gangster because they smoke weed.

Person 2: Yeah man, this town is a real Billerica. The jokes on them though because their lungs will be black by the time they're 30 and they'll be gasping for air.

Person 1: Kids in billerica are pretty stupid from what it sounds like.

Person 2: Yeah....they are.
by Billerica is gay January 20, 2013
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