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A wonderful bird, and the best kind of bird in the world.
Known for its "Duck Feet" (webbed feet), Waterproof feathers, Bill (a flat, rounded beak), and ledgendary and heartwarming "Quack". Ducks are also known as "waterfoul".
Ducks are known to have two diffrerent kinds of bills, both of which have many different variaties, all of which have small notches on the side called "Lamellae".
A) Shoveller
B) Dabbler
The "Shoveller" is for ducks that dive for thier food. They are longer and wider for sifting insects, snails and seeds out of the mud. Some shovellers are longer are longer and thinner with a sawlike edge to catch fish. This kind of beak is known to "Sea Ducks"
The "Dabbler" Is a short, broad, Bill, Used for eating plants and insects and even things they can get in the water from "Up-Ending" (flipping upside down and extending their necks underwater, actually very comical to watch)
There are many different kinds of Ducks all around.
"Pearching Ducks" (known to enjoy perching in trees and being very colerful)
"Stiff-Tailed" Ducks, "Pochard" Ducks, Ect...
To conclude, anybody whom does not like Ducks is mentally Ill and probably likes men and or Women with testicles. Ducks are symbols of Love, Happieness and Bathtime.
Kaylee Loves To Bathe with her many lovable rubber ducks.

Micheal likes to watch the ducks "Up-End" for food

Kaylee and Micheal Like to Hold Hands and feed the ducks bread.
by Billard May 12, 2007

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