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Your Mileage May Vary. Little talked about escort code for "If you're good looking you may be entitled to some extras beyond the standard "straight fuck" FS and BJ such as GFE, DATY and FK". This is usually done to encourage a repeat call from a desirable client.
When she said YMMV, boy did she mean YMMV.
by bill the cat July 10, 2008
A derogatory term for a person/group considered undesirable, as in Do not call, Do not invite, Do not talk to, Do not be seen with, etc.
e.g. a D-list actor always gets turned down for roles and may even be turned away from going to auditions.

by bill the cat August 19, 2008
A point in time when a leader finally realizes that he has completely lost control. Term relates to the events of 1989 when Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was standing on the balcony in Bucharest and was unable to stop the crowd from booing him. A few days later his government fell and he was executed.
Many people think George W. Bush's Romanian moment was Hurricane Katrina while others think it's the rabid opposition to the Harriet Miers nomination. But others says it will soon happen over his handling of the War on Terror.
by bill the cat July 17, 2008
In espionage a swallow is a beautiful female operative used to seduce or entrap men with promises of sexual favors. The male equivalent is a raven.
During the cold war the Soviet K.G.B. typically used a swallow to seduce intelligent targets.
by Bill the Cat May 01, 2008
A condom used for birth control.
A dutch cap is a good way to prevent little dutchmen.
by Bill the Cat May 06, 2008
A Maryland town just outside of Washington, D.C. which was formed long before a certain SNL castmember was born.
We drove to Chevy Chase but when we got there we forgot we left our pet dog tied to the bumper.
by Bill the Cat May 17, 2008
What's the difference between a crippled coal miner and O.J. Simpson?

One is a numb digger.
by Bill the Cat May 22, 2008

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