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Contraction of meth and teeth. The rapid discoloration, deformation and decay of the teeth caused by chronic use of methamphetamine. Research indicates the primary causes for meeth are (i) erosion of the tooth enamel caused by the use of caustic agents in meth, such as battery acid, (ii) dry mouth caused by meth use, which prohibits saliva from secreting, and (iii) the tendency for meth users to crave sugar-rich drinks while high.

Although similar in appearance, meeth are not to be confused with the acidic erosion of the teeth caused by the habitual vomiting of bulemics.
Although the adult actress had perfect hair, professional make up and had a new outfit, those meeth dangling from her gums proved she was still an addicted porn skank.
by Bill in the 480 September 27, 2005
Meeth is actually a portmanteau word, not a contraction, of "meth" and "teeth." Please accept my apologies for the error.
Meeth is a portmanteau word, which merges the sounds and meanings of two different words. "Met'eeth" would be a contraction.
by Bill in the 480 September 29, 2005

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