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Pronounced John-ko (with the "o" in John as short as possible).
Dutch-Suriname slang for a spliff.
Eei Boy paas mij die djonkoh!

(Hey son pass me tha spliff!)
by Bill Gate$ April 12, 2009
Dutch slang for a coffeeshop, which is an establishment where u can get weed or hashish. Contrary to popular belief this isn't actually legal, but semi-legal. The Dutch term for that is "gedogen" which means "not to be prosecuted in law".
Gotta drop by the shoppa dude, need some mo' (which I do not recommend btw!)
by Bill Gate$ April 12, 2009
A hybrid marihuana joint made out of grade a tobacco (a wee bit), maroccan hashish and two distinct types of Dutch Weed.
Sherman: Man this sexmix got me my eyeballz bleeding
Herman: Ya pussey!~
by Bill Gate$ April 11, 2009
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