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1 definition by Biig Al

An amazingly created game which is most commonly able to be observed at parties and friendly gatherings looking to become intoxicated. The game consists of four players (two on a team), 12 cups, preferibly SOLO cups, (six for each team), atleast an 8ft table, and 2 ping pong balls. The goal is for the two teams to face each other and compete to see who can sink the ping pong balls into the other teams cups. Within each come made, the liquid inside of the cups must be drank. There is a list of rules and more specific details that help describe the game but this is the general description.
Tim: Hey bro!! Are you going to that party tonight?
Jake: Is there going to be beerpong?
Tim: Uhh duh, if there wasn't then it wouldn't be a party!!
Jake: ok, i'll be there!!
by Biig Al September 29, 2006
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