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Acronym: dat be fair
-So then she took off her shirt.
-Big dbf.
by Biggus Dickus January 08, 2005
An awesome game for Ps3/4 xbox 1/360 Wii U and Pc in which you hack the electronics of the city chicago in order to obtain your captured sister, nicky
Hey Dude you got that awesome new game watch_Dogs?
by BIGGUS DICKUS June 01, 2014
He's the buff private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks
My eyes are bleeding
by Biggus Dickus March 20, 2004
gudo comes from the mikus craigus terms meaning thats weird or disgusting or anything that is is just random and spontaneous.
(someone yells fat cow and moons you)Thst was gudo.
by Biggus Dickus March 12, 2005

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