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A POP PUNK band, not emo, not punk, not rock and for christs sakes not metal. everyone says that thy are this great emo band, they are pop punk plain and simple, i used to love mcr but then after realising that everyone loved them i hated them.

people think now a days that if you dont listen to mcr you can't be an emo or whatever.

me: I'm an emo
Poser: do you like MCR?????///??
me: no
poser: whatever your not an emo

thats what all these posers think now a days, you cant be classed as an emo uness you like MCR, FoB or one of these other little stereotypical bands. since evryone likes mcr now after they made teenagers -.- its hard to tell who is a real fan or not

real fans are people who actually listen to thier music and take it in, poser fans are just epople who run around shouting:

poser: Z0MG! i want to have gerrard way's babies!

a real fan would say:

real fan: yeah my chemical romance are a good band, I definately like that song fron thier second album
poser: z0mg gerrard way is so hot, i am gonna capture and rape him!!11!!1 and then rape the rest of my chemical romance!
real person: no your not, get over yourself
by BigDeanoMarino April 08, 2008
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