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Is someone who thinks their so damn tuff and strong. Chaldeans usually work in gas stations and liquor stores. They usually have cadilacs and jeep trucks, they dont own these cars they can only afford to rent them. They usually walk around with their chest pumped out. All they talk about is sports and hitting MJR at night. The leaders of the Chaldeans are tonio and tommy. They run around sterling heights jumping weak ass people. Chaldeans do not fight one on one they bring their relatives up to eight generations. The only words they use are bro and my man. Chaldeans girls are so hot but when they take of their shirt, you think their black because they are so hairy. Chaldeans usually worship 2 pac and scarface. I dont know why. They usually show off their nextels they got from their uncles liquor/cell phone store. They talk to black people but when chaldeans are alone they make fun of black pople. Chaldeans hang around with albanians. Albanians and Chaldeans are very alike but Albanians steel everything they own, Chaldeans get it from their mom and dad. Chaldeans are now migrating to Arizona because the climate is like the dessert where they come from.
I seen this guy walking down the street with eighteen of his cousins. He had spikey hair like a Gotti brother and had on a fake chain. He must not of been chaldean because he did not have a nextel attached to his belt.
by BigChaldoBalla87 July 20, 2008

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