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4 definitions by Big Laberski

The last hit of the rotation while passing a bowl,joint, or blunt. The person with the datus hit is usually a retarded friend or the bitch of the group.
We all fight over the green hit, but at least we know Reese will be getting the datus hit.
by Big Laberski February 03, 2009
When obese people are trying to do sit ups but they are realy only moving their head up and down. Usually the fat hanging from their neck stretches and comes bak together as their head moves
Ricky: Did you see Sally trying to do a sit up?
Bobby: It was more like a fat neck.
by Big Laberski July 24, 2006
A prank to pull on a retarded friend..tell your friend u bet they cant do a push up with their eyes closed why you push their forehead down. Get another friend to pull down his pants and put is ass in the victoms face. While he is pushing agaisnt your finger as hard as he can let his forehead go and his face will fly into the persons ass.
Billy and I are going to give Ricky a sit up surprise.
by Big Laberski July 24, 2006
When you are in public and you are trying to hold in a fart by squeezing your ass cheeks together.
Billy: Did you just see that guy walk by?
Ricky: No.
Billy: Well, he had to fart.
Ricky: How do you know?
Billy: Cause he had a tight ass
by Big Laberski July 24, 2006