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To be banging a fat girl doggie style, and have the bitches belly/fat roll hitting your balls the whole time.
I was banging that big girl from work the other night, and had a Madden mud flap going the entire time.
by big egg March 28, 2008
To fingerbang a girl in the ass while wearing a rubber glove, then where it like condom during sex.
Since I was banging Sarah in the janitors room at work, I figured I would go ahead and give her a Hot Worthington.
by Big Egg March 19, 2008
When going down on a chick who hasn't shaved in awhile, and getting your teeth caught in it, providing a lip on twat lip kiss.
My girl didn't shave this week, and I wound up in a Louisville liplock last night.
by Big Egg March 19, 2008
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