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An expression that implies one is being overly subtle while doing something common - such as talking. Similar to the way one would urinate on the bowl of a toilet or urinal to avoid creating an audible noise.
I want to call my boss an asshole, but I can't. I'll just piss on the porcelain about it for self-satisfaction.
by Big Dick Chuck October 21, 2007
n. A large and in charge friend that is constantly running from the law whilst simultanisly playing street hockey.
Man, my Marcoze needs to take a break.
by Big Dick Chuck April 17, 2006
n. SFR, which stands for "Spicy Food Resistance" is used to grade how well a person(s) mouth takes to spicy food.

The higher your SFR, the higher the comfort level while eating a hot and spicy food. Your SFR number rating is based on the Scoville scale's 0-16,000,000 unit rating.
My SFR is mearly 6,500! Pete's is close to 35,000!
by Big Dick Chuck September 03, 2007
v. When listening to a story your girlfriend or boyfriend is telling you over the phone, you find other means of entertainment by having the phone on one ear and a headphone connected to you computer playing either music or voicechat to create the illusion that you are paying attention to the story being told.
Eric was gewning Laura on the phone last night.
by Big Dick Chuck July 07, 2007

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