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To add bacon to otherwise baconless food. The act of doing this is baconifying.
I'm gonna baconify ur breakfast.
#bacon #sausage #pork #cheese #mustard
by Big Derek Big Time August 31, 2007
A stupid adult male over the age of 20 who is usually rich and completely braindead because he only does things his mother approves of. A mommy's boy. Also spelled Beau Beecham.
That guy won't date women his mother doesn't approve of! What a Bo Beecham!
#mommy's boy #hoe #bitch #suki #slut
by Big Derek Big Time August 30, 2007
A police helicopter, used by the police.
We were walking downtown when we spotted a pork chop in the sky.
#pig #pork chop #maynard james #wanker #oscilliscope
by Big Derek Big Time August 31, 2007
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