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11 definitions by Big Chimper

The first three board cards dealt in Texas Hold 'em poker. This is the only true definition.
The flop was a rainbow: 3d, 4c, 9s
by Big Chimper July 16, 2003
278 198
The last (5th) board card in Texas Hold 'em Poker.
I went to the river with a maniac who raised pre-flop with T3o.
by Big Chimper July 16, 2003
126 92
When you have spunked already like 5 times that day, and you try to spunk again but nothing comes out. Sometimes your dick makes a little high-pitched coughing sound during a Dry Spunk.
I had already beat off six times that night, and eventually dry spunked.
by Big Chimper June 30, 2003
36 6
A sock that you keep by the bed to jerk off into. So called because eventually it gets stiff as a board from all the dried chimp.
Don't look under the bed- there may be a couple of starched socks under there!
by Big Chimper July 07, 2003
26 5
To masturbate with no lotion, lubrication, pornography, pictures of Christina Aguilera, etc., of any kind. Spanking it with no stimulation whatsoever.
I had to get rid of this boner, so I pulled a dry beat in the bathroom (it also happened to be a toilet hover).
by Big Chimper July 07, 2003
23 3
(verb): to masturbate furiously or to ejaculate, while making loud monkey noises.
(noun): semen; ejaculate; spunk.
(1): Dude, I can't believe you chimped all over my couch!
(2): Wipe that chimp up before I beat your ass!
by Big Chimper June 03, 2003
31 30
1) a wad of chimp (spunk).
2) an ignorant douchebag.
1) My chimpwad was kind of yellow earlier- should I see a doctor?
2) You, sir, are the biggest and most rancid chimpwad I have ever seen! Urkel could probably beat the shit out of you!
by Big Chimper July 16, 2003
4 4