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A reference to your car. However, it must be a Lamborghini so don't be a bitch and refer to your mommas caravan as a Bruce Wayne.
Matt: I been had hoes in my Bruce Wayne.

Blair: You need to skype that shit next time cat!
by Big Cat 1 January 16, 2013
A somewhat strange and sketch individual. Mostly males who play World of Warcraft until their fingers blister. Most carry murses.
Did you just see that W.O.W'ers murse? That shit matched his shoes flawlessly!
by Big Cat 1 January 16, 2013
A female with the ability to lift and throw a king size mattress like a champ! She also has the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound! A crazy B*tch.
Man that Krypto-ho was like "fuck your mattress" and straight threw that shit out the window.
by Big Cat 1 January 17, 2013
A young female adult with an infatuation for older men. Just the sight of an older man makes her want to ride his shriveled man meat possibly causing death in the process. She keeps nitroglycerin and Viagra handy in her purse at all times for when the moment is right.
Damn son, I can't believe that tigress got hired up in the retirement home my granddad is at. Guess I'll be going to that dirty ole bastards funeral sooner than later.
by Big Cat 1 January 21, 2013

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