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The term given to an individual- usually a woman- who is less than desirable, morally corrupt, raunchy, and/or filthy. They usually stroll along the most dangerous and drug-frenzied streets with a shit-eating grin and a piss-poor disposition. There happens to be an abundance of these individuals from the Deep Dirty South, the region in which I sprang forth. These individuals are prone to begging, stealing, profanity, shooting methamphetamines, and/or prosititution. Finally, these individuals have a total lack of self-respect and partake in janky practices such as public fornication, public displays of drunk pole-dancing, and attempts to pose as a super-model for the passers-by who happen to be taking a picture of them for shits and giggles.
Friend: "Boy howdy, did you just see that ol' skagnetty grin?! She looked a little long in the tooth!"

Me: "No, that wasn't a tooth. It was a cigarette. She doesn't have any fucking teeth!" (uproarious laughter commences)
by Big Bad Jake from Alabammy August 04, 2011

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