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1. An Editor for the Seattle "indie" newspaper, The Stranger.
2. A wannabe viral piece of grafitti.
3. A lucid state of mind, verging on insanity/enlightenment.
3 and a half. none of the above.
"Bill, why is Eric fucking Grandy?/ Doesn't he have a day job?"/"Phil, we love Eric fucking Grandy/Eric is pimp."/ Grandy is a state of mind/It is comparable to Nirvana/Being in Grandy is just like that/But more yellow hues are involved/ Grandy was created by the hand of God/Corrupted by the devil/And declared himself a free agent/Being in Grandy is declaring yourself a free agent/ Eric is fucking Grandy a lot/And he is also fucking high a lot/Grandy makes you focus/Even when there are disturbing videos of pregnant ladies dancing/ Grandy is like a river/You can throw rocks into it but it will never die/That’s why Eric had a love affair/And he can’t keep a job/ Sometimes I touch myself and think about Grandy/Sometimes Grandy touches me and I think about myself/I can’t force it either way/Grandy is like crazy good make-up sex/ Eric went behind the schoolhouse to relax/And Grandy is a life force/He needed to calm himself down/It was some intense Grandy action/ See, Grandy is what Grandy does/I forget what I was saying…/These cookies are boss!/Grandy is the face of the hundred dollar bill/ Grandy has to be having sex while listening to techno/Fucking in the handicap bathroom/We’re all high on E/Now that’s Grandy/ Grandy has polka dots/And stripes and plaid/Eric shoots up heroin with his cop friends/But who the fuck is Eric?

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