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31 definitions by BiG Daddy

Someone who is punk or is a bitch about shit
syop being a bitch ass trik nd do it.
by Big daddy March 24, 2005
17 9
A group of the worst random mother fuckers around
yeh man i got hit by the wK like 3 times last week
by Big Daddy October 03, 2004
17 13
Eat A dick.
Todd: I thought you were going to the game
Chris: I was but what had happen was
Todd: <Interrupting Chris> Man E.A.D.
by Big Daddy April 09, 2003
9 5
a moist penis
Man she can really smoke a sweaty cigar.
by Big Daddy October 22, 2003
7 4
To hit someone in the head; To beat someone up very badly.
He came up on me so I split his wig!
by Big Daddy March 12, 2003
7 4
To stay somewere when someone says to skedaddle
Boy 1 "Skedaddle"
Boy 2 "Naw ima Staydaddle"
by BiG Daddy January 25, 2013
2 0
1.) to be sneaky, nice, mean, hot, evil, crazy, intelligent, awesome, deadly, scary, funny, intimidating, lovely, charming, and dry all at the same time.

2.) complicated
1.) "i've never felt like such shit after an argument. that girl switched moods so fast, like a shumu"

2.) "calculus is so shumu"
by BiG DaDDy March 29, 2005
9 7