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To hit someone in the head; To beat someone up very badly.
He came up on me so I split his wig!
by Big Daddy March 12, 2003
In a hockey fight when you reach around behind an opponent, grab his jersey and pull it up over his head, thereby covering his eyes so you can punch his freakin' lights out.
"Did you see Tie Domi jersey that guy in the Leaf game last night?"
by Big Daddy April 28, 2004
Eat A dick.
Todd: I thought you were going to the game
Chris: I was but what had happen was
Todd: <Interrupting Chris> Man E.A.D.
by Big Daddy April 09, 2003
a moist penis
Man she can really smoke a sweaty cigar.
by Big Daddy October 22, 2003
To stay somewere when someone says to skedaddle
Boy 1 "Skedaddle"
Boy 2 "Naw ima Staydaddle"
by BiG Daddy January 25, 2013
1.) to be sneaky, nice, mean, hot, evil, crazy, intelligent, awesome, deadly, scary, funny, intimidating, lovely, charming, and dry all at the same time.

2.) complicated
1.) "i've never felt like such shit after an argument. that girl switched moods so fast, like a shumu"

2.) "calculus is so shumu"
by BiG DaDDy March 29, 2005
A group of the worst random mother fuckers around
yeh man i got hit by the wK like 3 times last week
by Big Daddy October 03, 2004
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