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The American equivalent of a UK boy racer's car; usually an import sedan (Civics and Corollas are usually the weapon of choice, but they are not by any means the only cars used) with exceptionally gaudy and tasteless external modifications while not having anything that actually increases performance. Funnily enough, many of the mods actually DECREASE performance by way of being designed for cars actually capable of pulling off what the average ricer can only dream of. Expect cheap plastic rims, underlighting, artificial lowering by way of cut springs, a plastic bumper that shatters the minute the car nears any sort of imperfection in the road, a plastic spoiler that actually increases wind resistance, an incredibly loud and garish bodykit, a gargantuan fucking exhaust setup that can be heard from multiple blocks away, a sound system that costs more than the car itself, and stickers for high-end performance gear that the driver of said car doesn't even own.
"Hey, did you see Tony trying and failing to pick up some random chicks in the Price Chopper parking lot?"
"No, I didn't. How was he going about it?"
"Y'know that '98 Camry that his grandpa bought him for his sixteenth birthday? Well, he turned it into a total fucking ricer and was cruising the parking lot while revving his engine whenever he saw some prospective pussy heading his way."
"Haha, fuckin' owned. Guess they saw through all the plastic and decals and noticed that it was still a worthless piece of shit. What a loser."
by Beware of BOB August 04, 2012

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