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An organization that consists of lowdown, bratty, douchebaggy, tyrants!!! They make CDs and sell them for high prices. When you download the music instead of paying for their shit, they will sue you like the asses they are because they might have to go a day without a lobster dinner. They pretend to support artists when all they are doing is making money for themselves and earning hatred which they greatly deserve. I plan on finding their nearest office and protesting on their tyranny over the music industry. If they comtinue to act like this, I will burn their office and make the surviving members of this organization into meat which I will send to McDonalds, so they can rip us all off and pretend to care for our health. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! RIAA is the worst organization I know of!! They ruin the reputation of fuddy duddies and Republicans!! I am not one, but I know many people who are and I respect them, but the RIAA completely destroys their reputation. It is sad.
Person1: The RIAA is going to sue me for 100,000 due to my downloading of a song.
Person 2: Those bastards!! They don't give a damn about piracy. They just want money. They are just greedy. Don't worry about it. They probably won't succeed in suing you anyway.
by Bevvie May 28, 2006

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