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A vicious device that makes even the strongest nursing student tremble in fear. This paddle is given every semester to nursing students that involves grinding, tearing, mashing, and ripping the nursing students rectum. The paddle consists of many small serrated edged spikes with several larger spikes more towards the center. These spikes are poison tipped and will cause extreme inflammation and pain for several days to several weeks. In addition to these spikes, in the center of the paddle, there is a large dildo 18 inches long and 3 inches wide. This dildo spins out 90 degrees in a circular motion upon penetration when making contact with the inside of the rectum. The dildo also has box jellyfish tentacles on the head of the dildo that add to insult and injury. Prospecting nursing students may obtain severe psychological disturbances after receiving a neuman in nursing school.
The nursing student was assigned the neuman paddle and went to see a therapist and started taking medications shortly after.
by Betty's Victims April 13, 2010

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