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2 definitions by Beta Lambda

1. ice cream from heaven
2. the smoothest sleeping material made to man
3. sperm, sticky penis juice

1. When you eat a ZESTO you can't help but stick the whole thing in your mouth! You can't lick it, you have to kinda suck it.

2. I would love to sleep in a pool of ZESTO tonight with a blanket of in-between-the-fingers-skin. That would be satisfying.

3. I don't really like the taste of ZESTO because it is often too sticky and juicy.
by Beta Lambda April 05, 2008
the misuse of t9 after a night of drinking and trying to tell your friend it is raining.
my friend sent me a jenki bolti text to let me know it was its "rainhog"
by Beta Lambda March 30, 2008