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Pronounced 'Fahhz'
Stands for "Freak Out Syndrome"
(fos, fosing, fossed, foser)

1) noun: The instance in which someone has a crush on someone else but denies it, convincing themself that they don't actually like them.

2) verb (to fos, fos out): Any act of running away from a potential relationship or fling with another, for no apparent reason.

3) verb (to fos): When someone makes a move on you and you completely freeze up and aren't sure why. Side effects may include the feeling of flushed skin, increased heart-rate and utter nervousness.

4) noun: Something that ruins love lives.

Alternative spelling: 'foz'

"He grabbed her chin romantically and tried to kiss her, but she fosed majorly and couldn't move."

"He was the perfect guy, but she didn't date him because she had a bad case of

"Don't be a foser! This is a good opportunity!"
by Bestiesinastar March 23, 2009

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