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2 definitions by Besmgirl

A japanese made acronym meaning Time, Place, Occasion. Sometimes used to draw attention to a situation or experiance that was inappropriate or worth noting.
Character A: I love you!
Character B: Awww. I love you!
Character A: But, I love you more!
Character B: No! I love YOU more!

Character C: Uh...guys? Please don't do that during a funeral. Think of the TPO, ok?
by Besmgirl August 29, 2009
62 4
Short for sunao cool. It means honest and cool, essentially another moe following along the lines of tsundere. Basically its a character's trait or personality, perhaps the word was created as an opposite of tsundere.
She/he/it is su-cool
by Besmgirl August 14, 2008
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