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Every man in America aged 13-25 who owns a T.V. or computer.
I am a Porn Addict
#pornic #porn adder #porn downlowder #pornstar #porn
by Bertman June 06, 2006
The text version of chatty.

(i) The act of texting someone over and over again with relatively useless comments.
(ii) An endless sea of mildly interesting but often just annoying texts coming from the same, and often inebriated, party.
(iii)Getting numerous texts over a half hour period , that could have been handled in a 30 second phone conversation .
My girlfriend / boyfriend is very textty tonight .
Please stop being textty .
I am busy , why are you so textty ?
#chatty #gabby #yappy #talky #won't shut up
by bertman April 24, 2012
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