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1. What you shout out loud before you bust a big load on a nice stankin' pair of pussy tassle tits.

2. Big ass pussy lips, smells like vaginal secretions.

3. What shaggy said to scooby after chuck norris busted a fat load on their chests.

4. What you say when you snort coke of someones tits.

5. The cousin of a snow job, and a ding king.

6. The alliance practiced by vulture, creature, and primitive panther while riding shotgun, cobain, and mulligan.

7. A phrase practiced by Clive Holmes, Bob Skyler, and Bobby Braininger.

8. Chuck Norris once ate pussy, he claimed it taste so bad he ziggity zoinked a huge loogie thus resulting in the reason we have salt water oceans today.
Like ziggity zoinks scooby doo, like i just fucked thelma up the ass without giving her the common courtesy for a reach around.
by Bert Backaracalack #2 June 14, 2007

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