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UF is a self-proclaimed "Public Ivy" school located in Gainesville, Florida, or BFE. While it maintains to be the second largest university in the state, it is hard to separate the town from the school due to the mass conformity there.

Home to the most obnoxious fans in the world, gators often perceive themselves as better than they really are. This is attributed however to the behavioral norms that are imposed on them by UF on day one. UF has also taken brainwashing and conformity to an art form, with their alumni believing that they are still in college so that they can constantly donate to the school.

If you are not a girl and have no intention of joining a fraternity, attending UF would be considered social suicide. As a guy, you will never be able to socialize with the opposite sex unless you're wearing Greek letters (or the girl is ugly). You will then spiral into depression because there's nothing to do in Gainesville except party, and if you're not a Greek brother, you aren't partying anytime soon. If you're a girl, it's only a matter of time until you're raped by a frat-boy, but you'll convince yourself that it's worth it because you attend UF.
Boy: "So what school are you going to next year?"
Girl: "University of Florida."
Boy: "Oh wow, you're gonna get raped."
Girl: "It's ok, it's worth it. What school are you going to next year?"
Boy: "Well, I was thinking UF but I don't wanna join a fraternity."
Girl: "Yeah you're gonna have no friends."
by Bernie Machen January 04, 2011

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