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1: A school in Charlotte County that is currently in portable classrooms, except for the gymnasium. The classrooms were destroyed by Hurricane Charley.

Furthermore, this school feels the need to cosmetically repair the gymnasium, which looks fine, before repairing the classrooms.

Charlotte High School funds sports outrageously while academics come second. After academics is fine arts, which gets no funding at all.

Charlotte High School's care for the well-being of students is demonstrated in all of the careless construction equipment left cluttered.

2: A term that can be used to describe a double standard, especially about academics and sports.
2: Are you serious? Football doesn't have to fundraise anything ever? Classic /iCharlotte High School.i
by Benvolio McNabb April 22, 2006
The process of a hurricane destroying a school and the misuse of funding in the rebuilding of that school.

Person A:Look! Hurricane Charley destroyed that school and then the principal rebuilt a working gym before building the academic buildings!!
Person B: Duh. It was Charlottified. Don't you know what Charlottification is?
by Benvolio McNabb April 22, 2006

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