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The automatic answer to the question 'Who?' in any history class. Is usually best used in the 20th century, but has highest comedic effect when used in European history with idiotic profs.
Who married Anne Boyeln?
Bob Dole.
by Benjy Franks November 07, 2006
A scary cheerleader, usually depicted as a slutty cheerleader. Instead of the common goal of spready cheer within the crowd, fearleaders spread fear with their oversized stomachs poking out under too-small shirts and large thighs falling on innocent bystanders. However, they still manage to try to put down everyone they see who doesn't look like them, their only successful targets being the dance team.

Also, fearleaders tend to be frightfully idiotic.
"Like, oh my god! She totally does NOT have the right accessories for that skirt! What a, like, nerd!"
*proceeds to fall off pyramid*
(fan): "Fearleader alert. I think I'm going to puke."
by Benjy Franks November 07, 2006

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