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To use a smart-phone to text your booty call instead of having to talk to her. Don't want to hear that annoying voice? Text her some ascii roses ---->--->--@ and turn on the charm.

Send one text to multiple women in your contacts list to secure some action for the night, possibly back to back.

Textnsex right to the chase instead of yapping all night to just one female. A few texts throughout the day such as "hey baby", "how was your day", and "are you drunk, I'm cummin over" will get you laid likity split.
I'm going to textnsex Kate when she's wasted tonight to get that booty-call.

I should textnsex a few girls later so I'm guarantee some bedroom action.
by Benjamus Prime (ЯR Kzoo) January 05, 2010
Involving cash money, greenery, loot or cheddar in a big bag or sack. Usually a large sack of dosh will be spoken of.

Not to be confused with douche or douchebag.

To call or be called moneybags as an expression of wealth.
People on unemployment are doshbags in opposite land.
by Benjamus Prime (ЯR Kzoo) February 03, 2010
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