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Christian metaphor designed by ICP's handlers as an excuse to justify their stupidity to parental watchdog groups that would otherwise ban their music and put a halt to their careers.
Handler 1: These shock-rockers are being blasted out of the charts by right-wing censorship groups. How can we put a stop to it?
Handler 2: I know! Let's tell them to pretend there's a religious message in their music! We'll call it the Dark Carnival - because you have to keep it 'mysterious' to keep the rebellious teenagers attracted to it!
by Benjamin Ingram June 09, 2007
Imbecile who accepts the message of the 'Dark Carnival', a Christian metaphor that absolutely opposes the drug-addled, sex-infused lifestyle most self-styled 'Juggalos' lead. Have probably not moved on to better 'shock rock' or glam acts that actually have a relevant message (i.e. David Bowie, Marilyn Manson). Tend to be the lowest rungs on the social ladder, and often laud their 'family' for want of a real family to comfort them. Are paradoxical in their dedication to wearing 'gawthic' clothing while listening to watered-down gangsta rap. Utter and absolute hypocrites of the lowest order.
Dude 1: Did you see that moron in the Tripp pants?
Dude 2: Yeah, he's such a juggalo.
by Benjamin Ingram June 09, 2007
Prophet of Celebritarianism, the study of postmodern idolatry of celebrity martyrdom.
Everything else Marilyn Manson has done is secondary to this message.
by Benjamin Ingram June 09, 2007
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