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People born the day of or after July 8, 2010. Known for their very low level of basketball knowledge & habitual or compulsive lying. It was first documented on ESPN forums in 2010 and is believed the infection takes hold of all four lobes of the cerebral cortex causes blindness & extreme memory loss.

note: The origins of this disease are still unknown but it is believed the infection started from a jock strap in Akron, Ohio and traveled south to Florida via wagon caravan.
JOE: "My wife gave birth to our first baby boy he weighs 8lbs 4oz!"
BOB: "When was he born?"
JOE: "Just before 9:30 on July 8th!"
BOB: "So hes a 'Miami Heat Fan'?"
DETECTIVE: "I know it was you who did it! We have fingerprint evidence!"
SUSPECT: "It wasnt me I swear!"
DETECTIVE: "Your being a real 'Miami Heat Fan' right now you sick son of a b####!"
by Benedict A August 25, 2010
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