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A game exhibited in the Harry Potter books and movies, but also an anti-itch spray for a penis or vagina. Primarily used against crabs.
I was banging this filthy whore last week, and the next morning I had to run out and buy a can of Quiddich when I saw a fully grown seabed dwelling lobster crawling around my pubic hair.
by Benal Patrol Overlord February 26, 2008
This term applies to women, and refers to the gold mine in which most men try so hard to acquire. The opponent of the "Black Hole", or anus.
Jack was voraciously polishing Lisa's Heavenly Gates.

While happily eating Mary's heavenly gates, Allen was oblivious to the nefarious Black Hole which would soon rear it's ugly head.
by Benal Patrol Overlord February 26, 2008
A devastating kick in which the favored leg is raised over an object, preferably a human in a prone position, and slams the leg downward, utilizing the hard rubber edge of a shoe heel, exclaiming "Hut-Hut!" as the act is performed.

May result in death.
Person A: "You're one of them queers..." (trips and falls)
Person B: Oh yeah? Hut-Hut!
Person B: Pwned.

by Benal Patrol Overlord February 26, 2008
A title for a rather visually and aromatically unpleaseant anus. Although not every rectum should be equated with this, one must always be wary and cautious of its existence. The ultimate foe of the Heavenly Gates, or vagina.
There are some people out there who prefer to spelunk into the black abyss. I myself would rather ascend to the heavenly gates and ingest its heavenly rain.

Allen could not retain his excitement when he laid his weary and pussy denied eyes upon the heavenly gates of Mary, but soon found himself in a spiraling depression and a panic when he discovered the absurd and profound amount of fecal matter caked unto the black abyss that is Mary's asshole.
by Benal Patrol Overlord February 26, 2008

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