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The top Halo team in the World, consisting of OGRE 1, OGRE 2, Walshy, and Saiyan. Formerly StK and Team 3D, they have only failed to get 1st place at one Tournament since they started playing. They recently signed a contract with Major League Gaming worth 1,000,000 dollars over 3 years.
Aaaaand, to nobody's suprise, Final Boss wins MLG Anaheim!
by Ben Vander July 16, 2006
A term used by some gamers (particularly those in the MLG community) as a synonym for pwnd or raped. It means to have been destroyed, and badly.
*After beating another team 5:00 to 1:13 in Midship Oddball*

"Wowwww badkids... get Vanqd!"
by Ben Vander July 16, 2006

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