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3 definitions by Ben Hill

Device where several loads of semen is loaded into a funnel connected to a tube that ends in a woman's mouth.
What a nasty slut, she did the cum bong.
by Ben Hill April 20, 2006
The Hood is the part of the city where you grew up.
Ben : Our Hood sure has changed.
Glen : Yea now it's flooded with god damm yuppies. (ie:Wicker Park in Chicago)
Ben : I miss the old Hood.
Glen : It's not even our Hood anymore.
by Ben Hill April 21, 2006
Word used by pompous racists.
That damm jew boy sure is niggardly.

I like to use the word niggardly because people assume the root word is nigger, so I get to say nigger and niggardly as I correct them.
by Ben Hill April 19, 2006