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1. (n.) The act of two men joining in Broly matrimony, or, becoming very good new friends through getting totally shitcabined and making clouded decisions.

2 (n.) An unorganized, wild, messy territory, formerly attached to Russia, a site to which men make pilgrimage to for the purpose of bro-ing it up, more specifically getting drunk, partying, and engaging in risky feats of sport/sex with native women. A main exporter of dirtbikes, lacrosse equipment, Stoli ("Broli"), and rubbers
1. John-Henry : "Bro!!!! Did we just affirm the vows of our Broviet Union?

Lucas: "You know it Broseph! Now there's only one thing to do"

John-Henry: "Bro it UUUUUPPPPPP! Lets brotorboat these she-bro's!"

2. John-Henry: "Bro! Where where you last night, we had such a great time"

Lucas: "Sorry JH, I had to pick up my uncle Vlad at the airport, he just got in from the Broviet Union! He's such a bro, he needs to use scientific notation to write his sperm count!"
by Ben Dustman November 17, 2010
(n)- A member of late-night comedian/talk host Conan O'Brien's devout nomadic following. At the time of the infamous The Tonight Show fracas, they flocked to Universal Media Studios to protest in O'Brien's favor, sporting signs, slogans, and Coco-inspired hairdos that hilariously did not match their bodies.
No longer on the endangered species list, we fully expect the Coco-nuts to naturally rejoin the ecosystem with O'Brien's impending re-debut in late night.
by Ben Dustman October 31, 2010
Activities historically engaged in and found amusing by denizens of American South Gulf states' bayou and/or swamp areas; these traditionally include, but are not limited to, drinking, voodoo, gator rasslin', gator serenadin', sibling serenadin', cooking and consuming of various stews, 5-finger fillet, raft construction and racing, discussions of the classic memoir "Bill Clinton: My Life", as well as blowing up the intestines of animals killed for food and subsequently making balloon animal replications of said creatures.
Cletus knew he'd gone done somethin mighty stupid when he done stayed out late with the boys for swamp fun cus' he had missed the sunrise. Paw would surely flay his hide for makin him go out and fish all on his own.
by Ben Dustman October 28, 2010

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