10 definitions by Ben H

1. the type of keyboard you are using
2. what windows update manisfests itself with
3. the one thing that does not have the <i>any</i> key
1. i am using a QWERTY keyboard
2. ??
3. "please press the <i>any</i> key"
"where's da fuckin any key?!"
by Ben H November 13, 2003
Cute Taiwanese expression for someone who is a show-off. Lit: "body monkey"
(Somebody tries to show off on the guitar and looks a bit silly)
"Diu gao!"
by Ben H September 17, 2003
Taiwanese for either being completely out of fashion or shallow, or both. Tacky.
Ni hao song la!
You're so tacky/clueless/shallow!
by Ben H September 17, 2003

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