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A cocktail made by dropping a shot of whiskey (or whisky if you're a Scot or Canadian) into a glass of beer. Great for those who don't like straight booze but hate sweet mixers.
Boilermakers are good for time management. They make me twice as drunk in the same amount of time!
by Beer Hunter February 13, 2004
Thomas Dolby's evil twin (or at least a dead ringer for him). Has a cooking show on the Food Network.
One of my favorite episodes is when Alton Brown shows how to brew your own beer.
by Beer Hunter February 12, 2004
1) Formally known as Angina Pectoris. A defect of coronary circulation, characterized by paroxysmal pain below the sternum.
2) An endless source of humor to 14 year old boys.
"Hey Todd, your momma told me that she has acute angina!" <giggle, snort, snicker>
by Beer Hunter February 15, 2004
A very strong lager beer traditionally brewed in winter to celebrate the coming spring. Full-bodied, malty, well-hopped. Darker, sweeter, and heavier than typical beers, made for six weeks in the spring from the residue left in the vats before they are cleaned. Double Bock is an even stronger version.
It only takes a few bottles of Sam Adams Double Bock to make me talk funny and fall down.
by Beer Hunter February 12, 2004
The best (and questionably the only) thing that ever came out of Quebec! A brewery that puts out high gravity beers such as Trois Pistoles, Fin du Monde, and (my favorite), Maudite.
Most of these beers are around 9% ABV. It's no wonder that on a visit to a Hull pub, I had a hard time walking a straight line after drinking 5 Maudites!
by Beer Hunter February 27, 2004
A cornstarch and water mixture used in thickening stews, sauces, etc. The term has been used by U.S. Army mess hall cooks, and it is presumably derived from its resemblance to bull semen.
A bull fuck is often used when making shit on a shingle.
by Beer Hunter April 03, 2006
Dick acne. Essentially, a whitehead or blackhead found on the frenulum.
I bet if I wasn't circumcised, I probably wouldn't be getting any dickne.
by Beer Hunter March 31, 2006

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