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It's the definition by insiders of the jamband lot scene to describe the people who attend shows just recreationally, instead of devoting their lives to living on the "lot".

These people are generally the source of funds that allow the scene to exist because they have jobs.
"I need to get enough money to make it to Alpine, so I need to sell these doses to some custies after the show"
by Been there done that April 14, 2013
a leaking of the genitals due to the exposure of a very slutty girl. Causes drippin and staining of pants, shorts, skirts, sliding shorts, etc. Warning - you r at high risk of "the drip" if you go to a party and spill smirnoff on pants, if you win a football game and wind up in the bed of a purple truck, or at any church function. Dick's, Sean's, and TJ's are high susceptible to catching this
yo dick,"i heard you caught the drip this weekend"
how was it??
"It was like throwing a stick into a volcanoe"
by been there done that March 28, 2006

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