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Matter of fact; as a matter of fact
Chris Benoit is a 1 time World Heavyweight Champion in WWE. MOF, he did win it back in WCW, but gave it back right after because he wanted to go to WWF alongside Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn.
by Beef P@ty December 26, 2006
An Ophthalmic Migraine. An Ophthalmic Migraine occurs when zig-zag lines or "heat waves" show up near the center of one's field of vision and a blind spot expands on to one side--of the field of vision--for several minutes, though, usually less than an hour. These are sometimes followed by a headache, sometimes it's not. Some people experience them once and some people experience more episodes throughout their life. No medical treatment is entirely necessary, though, if these occur on a regular basis, you should contact an Ophthalmologist, preferably your family Ophthalmologist.
I was at school doing my Geometry work and out of the blue, I had an eyegrain. It bothered me and I couldn't finish the rest of my work until it was over, though, the bell rang right after it finished.
by Beef P@ty December 26, 2006

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